super antenna nvis K3KY Low Band Antennas KQ6XA — HF Antenna for the Micro-Light Backpacking Enthusiast K6STI Receiving Loop K9AY Receiving Loop cloud warmer nvis beam double bazooka! the four dollar special the lattin 5 bander inverted vee long wire portable nvis for roadside use k6soj 40 meter super gain nvis 40 meter cw nvis the cobra antenna all band doublet 10 meter v factor dipole 10 meter tech class dipole! centered on 28. Authentic Genuine Nagoya UT-72 Super Loading Coil 19-Inch Magnetic Mount VHF/UHF (144/430Mhz) Antenna PL-259 This antenna uses a magnet to attach to your vehicle roof, it will work with the UV-5R, MURS V1, as well as any of the mobile radios listed. Special Cases Complete with thermoplastic housing, camouflage, super flexible insulated wires, 1/4 turn connections, wire winders. G5RV Jr. Of course Rohde & Schwarz High Frequency (HF) Learning Center Welcome! On our learning center you’ll find videos, tutorials, white papers, brochures, applications notes, quick links, and articles focused on High Frequency Test and Measurement Solutions; our portfolio of HF radios for land, air, and sea; and our HF monitoring and direction finding solutions. NVIS is a 40-80 meter anomaly that rarely works at higher frequencies well due to composition of upper atmosphere. Maypole Antenna Construction Project By KC7JOG. A simple solder lug under a sheet metal screw and then painted over makes the connection. With my Dentron Super Tuner, I can tune the antenna on any HF band 80m and above, and it seems to work just as well or better on 40m and 30m as did the fan dipole. My fullwave skywire loop is made up of WA1FFL Ladder Lock, 544' insulated Flex-Weave Antenna Wire held by 3/16" Dacron Meaning the frequencies we must use for effective NVIS are much lower than the frequencies the antenna was designed/ cut for. Which is why the take-off angle of the 2-88-84 on the 40 meter band (about 60-degrees) and virtually straight up (90-degrees) on 80-meters, make it a fine antenna for real all-band operation. Photo 1 below shows a super simple NVIS purpose built antenna. This antenna is a bi-square bent into a shape that makes it stop working as a bi-square!! To even remotely act like a bi-square, the antenna would have to bend near the current minimum in wires 1 and 2. Supplied in a rapidly assembled kit form, the antenna is designed for use with C&S Antenna’s telescopic CARRYMAST™. It is basically an all band 450 ladder line feed dipole NVIS stands for Near Vertical Incidence Skywave. over a half-wave above ground), the horizontal low-angle radiation pattern is a figure-8 similar to a dipole antenna. SIZE: Packs down to 12" (30cm) for portability and extends up to 7ft (2. Antennas optimized for NVIS are usually low. Can be used in vertical or horizontal position. Fed by 100 feet of Ultra Low Loss LMR400 coax. A portable antenna does not have to be an epic quest. Optimum height is about 1/4 wavelength. It is used mainly for military and paramilitary communications and by radio amateurs. The antenna is useful up to about 200 miles radial distance from the transmitter in the daytime and up to around 1,000 miles at night. Shakespeare fiberglass military and commercial/cellular antennas have won praises from armed forces and demanding professional users for exceptional durability and strong communications capability. At a fixed height, (say 20-30 feet) use 80-Meters for NVIS and 20-Meters for low-angle DX. 3. Super high amount of views. NVIS Antennas category is a curation of 21 web resources on , How to build NVIS antenna, NVIS Antennas Yahoo group, The Near Vertical Incident Skywave (NVIS) antenna. This antenna uses two dipoles, one for 75 meters (about 122 feet), and one for 40 meters (about 65 feet), both connected directly to 50-ohm coax and supported at 5 points by trees at 10-12 feet. I am using Ultimax 100 EF antenna. Super Antenna's precision engineered construction and high Q polymer coil makes it the perfect companion for QRP or higher output portable transceivers for maximum radiated power. Some minor lobes will favor NVIS (Near Vertical Incidence Skywave), which is desirable for local contacts out to about 500-600 miles. for NVIS antenna measurements [9]. OK, try my other antenna a 90' NVIS dipole down in the canyon; it works fine. Super Antenna Systems Corporation, in Silicon Valley California USA, is the sole source of genuine Super Antennas. An NVIS antenna is simply a horizontally polarized at a height ranging from 1/20th to 1/4 wavelength above the ground. Direction finding versus a NVIS transmitter is also made difficult to the extent that the energy is directed vertically and groundwave is suppressed. Almost any type of wire antenna can be used for NVIS – a random length wire antenna, a dipole, square loop, inverted vee, multi-band dipole, or a hamstick dipole. Earlier, the presence of large HF Whip or auto tune vehicular antenna used to make vehicles an easy target. 25m) when used with the optional MC80 SuperCoil for 80 meters and tuned to about 3. Well, I guess the SWR ruler (WTF?) is not SUPER One of the best standby antennas is the NVIS antenna, which, because of its portability and ease of operation, can be tucked away in a convenient spot for future use. Compact, Stealthy and Light weight for back packing and portable use. At a fixed height, (say 20-30 feet) use 80-Meters for NVIS and 20-Meters for low-angle DX. NVIS is AWESOME!! Just about every night throughout the early mornings, I can talk hundreds of miles on 80 meters SSB. SuperFluid provides Hilomast pneumatic masts with the proper lubrication and protection when applied correctly. For the latest Amateur/Ham Radio news and information, please visit these websites: Antennas 101 Presented by: got my license and I bought this Super Whiz- NVIS or “cloudwarmer” antenna. There are antennas specifically designed for NVIS, but most hams use a basic dipole with great success. This ham radio portable all-band antenna system features a ruggedized titanium whip, universal clamp mount, stealth black MOLLE/PALS carry case, SWR ruler, and radial set. These communications systems are designed and built for the ultimate in survival – the United States military. This is a simple but yet very effective NVIS antenna for 40m/60m/80m. If you can get one. The current project describes a DIY version of the US military AS-2259 NVIS antenna, built with common home center parts. Downsides with this antenna? Designed for NVIS compliance. Everything collapses down and packs into the stealth black Go Bag zip case. Stealth Telecom-- Mobile HF NVIS Loop Antenna SteppIr Antennas-- FluidMotion Inc - Also See KY6LA's MonstIR #1 Site AND K9LTN Monster SteppIR Yagi Stack; Stuf -- Dielectric Water-Proof Connector Filler - See AES Ham Store See #14 Page 131-137 or Local Hardware Store; Super Antennas - Vern Wright's HF Mobile Antennas, MP1 etc. 0 of this was going to be a super-portable, lightweight design using three 5' sections of plastic pipe. They're good for limited-space applications like apartments, small lots, RVs, attics, and mobile homes. Each side of the loop is only about half the length of a dipole for the same frequency. New to Amateur Radio and New To HF. In free space (i. The best NVIS antenna is one which is simple and effective. L1 = 30 uH, 35 turns of 2. For all the choices, it’s surprisingly hard to find a portable antenna for HF that is affordable and practical. Antennas used for NVIS propagation need high take-off angle radiation with very little ground wave radiation. ANY antenna works better if you raise it higher, up to about half wavelength above ground. We’ve utilized EFD’s, “sticks”, “pokes” and loops. How to Make a Good NVIS Antenna. A pedestrian antenna is an antenna that may be carried easily and set up quickly by the operator. 0 kHz USB 18157. - Much smaller size than a dipole antenna or loop antenna. Our products are well known for high performance and extreme portability. S antenna; Omega and Gama Matching; Phasing Systems; Cubical Quad Antenna. Contacts were made on both 80 and 40 meters ranging from 15 miles to 2,000 miles. It is used for military and paramilitary communications, broadcasting,[1] especially in the tropics, and by radio amateurs for nearby contacts circumventing Ive looked at some of their stuff before, specifically the "SUPER SKYRIDER™ HF Mobile NVIS Magnetic Loop Antenna" and it runs about $5000 Their stuff is for commercial and government applications where money is not an issue. General Characteristics/Rules of Thumb for a Vertical Antenna and a Horizontal Dipole: Dipole 1. Super NVIS antenna been This antenna is basically a NVIS (near vertical incident skywave) arrangement, which provides good local and regional coverage. This month's issue of the IEEE Antennas & Propagation Magazine (June 2020) has an article entitled: "Performance Limiters of Near-Vertical-Incidence Skywave Propagation - A scientific approach. Ohio is roughly 200 miles square, so the NVIS antenna was the ideal match. - Very selective. jpg 2,160 × 1,506; 267 KB T antenna vs vertical antenna. ) Are mag loops any good for NVIS work? Mar 13th 2017, 17:09: W1VT. Staying below the MUF leads to the NVIS rule of using 40m during the day 2019 Ohio NVIS Day Anthony Luscre, K8ZT “Hey everyone, Stan, N8BHL has let me know that the date for NVIS Day is scheduled for Saturday, April 27th. Try to have back ups, in protected storage if the communications are critical. Only 24ft long. com for more of MY VIDEOS!!! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Use a fiberglass pole on a tripod and you are on the air! Check out our MFJ-1919EX a perfect mount for the new Octopus Antenna. One wave-length 75-Meter Loop Antenna (My FAVE!!) After wasting a LOT of time and effort, I now realize that a LARGE LOOP antenna is just not for me. Delta loop; Small antennas and radiation resistance . HFPACK PRIMARY CALLING FREQS: 14342. 5 views per day, 30 days on eBay. The metal apron running around the balcony on three sides acts as the counterpoise. mm. At one point they were charging about $40 just for the plastic ruler needed to set the coil to frequency. Refer to Figure 9-18 for an example of NVIS propagation. Length collapsed: 24 inches (60cm) Length extended (antenna): 16 feet (4. 15:1 or better on the SSB segments on 80,40, 20, 15 and 10 meters using a mast In this configuration it can be set up as a “Near Vertical Incidence Skywave” (NVIS) antenna system with crossed dipoles for both 80 and 40 meters if kept “low” and the proper freq is selected for the range requirement and time of day. com 2008-04-07 10:35:23 UTC. They mount vertically, so you'll enjoy both DX and local contacts. The antennas are turned by a Hygain HDR-300 rotor. It's mounted NVIS and works fine for contacts consistent with NVIS, i. NVIS operations are optimized by understanding and controlling two major factors: (1) Proper antenna design and placement, and (2) proper training of the operators. 25 wavelengths from the ground. The total MP1B SuperStick antenna element length is 7 feet 5 inches (2. 2680. [ManPack Canada July 2020 Simulation NVIS] Making it work: I hear there is an NVIS extension kit. Longer distance without a repeater or other infrastructure. ” This is accomplished by tilting the antenna so that its main radiating lobe is 73° to 83° above the horizon. Super NVIS antenna been serving well for low noise 40 meter work & it keeps the clouds warm. Some say anything 1. Low-mounted horizontal dipole, typically mounted at 1-2 meters NVIS Rain Gutter Antenna An end-fed 160-meter antenna experiment Larry Nelson - K5IJB Every antenna is compromised to be able to be used as a multi-band antenna with the exception of normal harmonics. It is used mainly for military and paramilitary communications and by radio amateurs. 40 meter super gain nvis 40 meter cw nvis wonder bar antenna the cobra antenna all band doublet 160 m tunable counterpoise As a vertical antenna, the signal tended to go long on the lower bands. 1 wavelength) is the height for optimum SNR (Signal-to-Noise-Ratio), in a perfect ground site. In the years since then I have been working with many Tri-Service MARS stations setting up antenna for use with ALE operations up and down the East Coast and in land which I personally communicate and the performance results of members changing over to NVIS antenna have been clearly seen. Super High Frequency HF (High Frequency) Radio (125W) with NVIS antennas for operations within the state • They want to use high power (500W) with beam antennas for Barker & Williamson HF broadband antennas for ALE radios. The radio has a milled SO-239 compatible mount on a corner of the face. a traditional 1/4λ height; let’s say 30 to 60-feet over tera firma. Making the whip longer and more horizontal improves the high take-off angle radiation efficiency. An alternative configuration consists of a transmitting loop antenna which is configured for maximum signal transmission upwards. This link is listed in our web site directory since Monday Dec 24 2012, and till today " Super Gain NVIS antenna " has been followed for a total of 1189 times. Approximately 30ft of RG58 coaxial cable with a 1:1 balun at the feedpoint. NVIS propagation is simply sky wave propagation that uses antennas with high-angle radiation and low operating frequencies. 2. A good NVIS antenna can be erected easily, in a short amount of time, by a small team (or just one person). Limited Space Antennas; Long wire antenna random wire; Comparison of Beverage antenna,magnetic loop antenna,and phased vertical receiving antennas. Rated #1 in the HFpack Portable Antenna Shootouts. Genuine Super Antenna product designed in Silicon Valley USA. Our group needed a rugged, realistically portable, HF antenna that would stand up to salt air and deliver outstanding performance. 3 sold, 0 available. I generally use NVIS for most of my comms from where I live (in that area anyways) and to my buddies in the BOL-area. NVIS Day is the ARRL Ohio Section event to test your NVIS antenna designs and builds. Genuine Super Antenna product designed in Silicon Valley USA. " The a M0STN Amateur radio Ham radio Buddipole 40 meters NVIS Antenna portable Super Antennas combines good design with well made components and nice extras. 5 foot high dipole. svg 599 × 340; 26 KB A height of 120 feet or more is required for long haul work. SIZE: Packs down to 12" (30cm) for portability and extends up to 7ft (2. 5 MHz. If you are unfamiliar with the BWD-90, you should know that it really just a very long dummy load you hang in the air. To stay informed on our developments and updates, please register to keep informed when something changes by clicking the subscribe tab. As no antenna will let you have it all, most contacts will lie in the direction opposite the slope of the antenna. 5cm) Frequency Coverage: 7 to 54MHz continuous, plus 144 to 148MHz Best antenna for nvis (too old to reply) 3***@gmail. uk 01922 414796, for all your radio needs. Go to our Orders page to browse our products and accessories and feel free to leave us feedback on our Contacts US Page or email us direct with your Although the antenna promises reasonable performance on 80m, as mentioned above, the new regulations which up the ERP on 60m to 100W and allow both CW and digital mode operation piqued my interest and provide great promise for NVIS operations. V. Use a fiberglass pole on a tripod and you are on the air! Check out our MFJ-1919EX a perfect mount for the new Octopus Antenna. This is the Super Antenna MP1 SuperStick antenna. I’ve seen mobile installations where you run a wire off the back of a pickup truck at about 3 or 4 feet off the ground provide effective NVIS operation. DX Engineering’s Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) Antennas for both 80 and 40 meters are available in two models. Super high amount of views. You can certainly go with used equipment, if purchased from a reputable seller, and then checked and tuned by a radio technician. Using the HF antenna table matrix in Appendix C, the AS-2259/GR and the half wave dipole are the only antennas listed that meet the requirements of NVIS propagation. The #1 HF Portable Vertical Antenna worldwide just got even better. Figure 7 – Gain Comparison of three NVIS Antennas If you have the facilities to hoist a 40m dipole in an inverted V or higher configuration by all means do so. Conclusion. You just need a horizontal dipole, end fed or long wire antenna 8 to 20 feet off the ground, with a reflector wire sitting on the ground beneath it! Near-vertical incidence skywave (NVIS) is a high-frequency (HF) radio propagation mode whereby signals are beamed nearly straight up to bounce off the ionosphere and cover an approximately 300-mile radius. English: Near Vertical Incidence Skywave, or NVIS, is a radio-wave propagation method that provides usable signals in the range between groundwave and skywave distances (usually 30 to 150 miles, or 50 to 240 km). 2 MHz The examples section of this document will discuss other solutions to the problem of maintaining proper NVIS directivity patterns over an octave of frequency. Icom AH-5NV - NVIS Kit For AH-740 from Radioworld. 400mhz dual feed ocf dipole by kf9f Mobile Antenna FS Comparisons; NVIS N. American Military Survival Radios. The popular portable ham radio antenna for transmitting and receiving on HF and VHF bands. Mounts on any mast up to 1-inch in diameter. So, this means a horizontal antenna close to the ground. My last two contacts on 20 meters were with KE5XV in Texas and KB0VXN in Minnesota. DX and NVIS. - Unsusceptible antenna unit. It is a good NVIS antenna for regional comms from zero out to about 300 miles on 80 meters when the Critical Freq is in the 4 MC range or a bit higher for that time of day. Shakespeare innovation covers the spectrum of HF, VHF, UHF, L-Band, cellular, DAS, WiFi/WiMAX and MIMO communications. This is about 50% TX signal reduction. 841 MHz and checked for signal with stations in western Washington, one in eastern Oregon, and one in Montana, and received reasonable but not great reports. Mounts on any mast up to 1-inch in diameter. More × Hi all,ive no room for an 80m antenna as live in a flat,however i can sling a wire over the roof,i can use my pipework as an rf ground,ie one leg of a dipole if you like,my question is what would a good starting lenth be for the driven leg be(ish) as a ball park figure?,i have a 4-1 and a 9-1 un un i can use,my rig is a ts-850 with an atu,i need it for inter g work,ie nvis,just need a starting My antenna’s are an 80 meter loop at 65 feet, a ZS6BKW at 60 feet,, an 80 meter dipole at 60 feet, and an 80 M OCF at 60 feet, i am able to switch between them all, overall the 80 meter loop is the best performer, quieter on receive and gives me SWR’s below 1. Get The Power Of A Super Antenna. We are incredibly excited to release this product and bring SteppIR products into the wireless world. This is an antenna theory that allows HF tra Its Near-Vertical Incidence Skywave is reflected back toward earth by the 'F' layer of the ionosphere to cover an area roughly 150 to 200 km (100-125 miles) around the antenna. SuperFluid is recommeded for all Hilomast brand masts. 2 wavelength is approximately the optimum height. The OPTIMUM NVIS antenna height for 80 through 40 meters is about 30-feet!! Please note the following trends as we decrease antenna height from ~16 feet on 40 meters, or ~32 feet on 75 meters: At . For NVIS and long range, tactical and base, for military, government and EOC. NVIS is usually from 2-10 Mhz, medium haul is from 4-15 Mhz, and long haul is usually accomplished from 10-30 Mhz depending on time of day, and solar cycle. It clamps onto a convenient surface, providing the coaxial connection, electrical connection, and mechanical stability for holding your antenna for DX or NVIS operation. Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00 Total Topics: 0 Total Posts: 0 : If a vertical plane passes through the loop the antenna is horizontally polarized. ANTENNA HEIGHT A dipole at 1/10 wavelength high is a popular misconception and mis-reading of NVIS recommendations for optimum antenna height. 15 – 30’ works great! The antenna configuration was one that should be familiar to any HF-capable RTO- a simple horizontal . One option I’ve heard, but haven’t tested yet, is to mount the antenna horizontally for NVIS use. 5M to 5M others 10M but you'll agree there are huge logistical differences in raising an antenna to those greater heights - that's why this antenna a low height - easy for man or woman to erect and manipulate - wins my vote. 6 MHz. Again, quality construction and appropriate design are critical. 9m) Power Rating: QRP to 250 Watts Weight: 9. diameter loop antennas that work on 40 through 15 meters continuously, including the 30 and 17 meter WARC bands! They're ideal for limited-space applications like apartments, small lots, motor homes, attics, and mobile homes. In addition to a portable dipole on a mast I use mine as a V attached to the roof rack of my Subaru for HF roving. The roof rack has been meticulously designed to become an integral part of the antenna system rather than building the antenna around a random rack. Or any other freqs you may want to design it for. Take a lunch break, enjoy e • HF bands with horizontal polarization to support NVIS • HF bands with vertical polarization for longer distances • Second antenna port for 2m/70cm dual band antenna • Requires dedicated Astron RS-35A power supply • Radio and DX-88 in stock, but not the tuner or other antennas Yaesu FT897D + LDG AT897 Plus Tuner HF/6m/2m/70cm (22a @100w) from contest station PJ2T and NVIS antennas. That is good for local rag chews or emergency communications. 40 Meter Four-square. Introduction: Mark Coker, KC7JOG has designed this “Maypole” antenna that has proven to be an extremely effective antenna. co. The Near Vertical Incident Skywave (NVIS) antenna is one that provides the majority of its radiation at an extremely high angle. In my case, it's gotta be a flagpole for a larger installation. The Super Antenna MP1C Antenna with FG1 Frequency Guide SWR Ruler. The DXE-NVIS-8040S is a shortened NVIS wire antenna kit version that features loading coils to make the 80 meter dipole legs the same length as the 40 meter dipole legs, 34 ft. English: Near Vertical Incidence Skywave, or NVIS, is a radio-wave propagation method that provides usable signals in the range between groundwave and skywave distances (usually 30 to 150 miles, or 50 to 240 km). Mar 13, 2013 - 40 Meter Super - Gain NVIS Dipole for local communications 200-300 miles Typically, the AX1 antenna acts almost like an NVIS antenna on 40 meters, but Saturday it favored Mid-Atlantic and the states of IN, OH, and PA. 1 wavelength) is the height for optimum SNR (Signal-to-Noise-Ratio), in a perfect ground site. Our antennas are fully Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) capable and provide the best cost effective solution for the needs of our government and military customers that require a lightweight compact HF antenna. The design is described by W4NVK in his article in the October 1969 issue of 73 magazine. Mount Not Included [sold separately] . Gil is providing us a perfect example of Regional communications using NVIS, and a very modest antenna configuration. An NVIS antenna in its simplest form is a dipole 0. In this article I’ll discuss a few options and then give detailed instructions on how to make a super-easy, super-cheap HF antenna-to-go that really works. When bands are closed, higher take-off angles closer to (near vertical incident sky waves) [NVIS] work best. NVIS Doublet Antenna: Click here for a . The NVIS Antenna AS-2259/GR is a lightweight, sloping dipole, omnidirectional antenna. They are sup- ported by PVC pipe with “T” connectors at the top fashioned around his fenceline. 1. Super Moderator. Finally, a portable HF antenna superstar! The HD-FMJ portable has been an answer to prayer. The Super Antenna MP1C Antenna with FG1 Frequency Guide SWR Ruler. (3. 1 views per day, 1,044 days on eBay. Distance are about 550 km/310 miles. It will be better than the 5. They exhibit low-angle radiation for excellent DX and The reason I chose these two antennas‚ other than I own both of them‚ is that each one represents a different style of vertical antenna. It could be as a result of the accidental of live power lines. Various specifications given as examples are rough estimates, some with A 7 band full size NVIS antenna resonant on both the voice portions and the digital portions of the bands as well as 60 meters. I've traded letters and phone calls with the designer over nine years. The monthly meeting topics are meant to be an entertaining look at a topic without getting too technical. 9 meter antenna is on the top. Great for keeping a low profile, taking an antenna with you, or in place of a permanent outdoor amateur radio antenna. A more accurate way to describe it would be 40-2M +80M +60M compact rapid deployment antenna system. Pure NVIS propagation is relatively free from fading. 85 feet 3/16 para-cord suspends antenna on each half of the dipole Seven foot stake used to elevate ends to about 5- 6 feet. 4 watts reflected. Using the MFJ 929 antenna tuner in the antenna system, it came up with the following readings:12 watts forward power, 1. This is not a DX antenna! NVIS antennas were designed for local communication of around 300 +/- miles (dx are possible but very limited). Figure 17: 75m Inverted-V NVIS Antenna at 3. Chameleon Antenna has been a pioneer at rethinking and redesigning portable antenna systems since almost a decade! Pushing the limits of design and manufacturing with cutting edge technology, Chameleon Antenna are known to design, manufacture and distribute products worldwide that are versatile, dependable and built to last! PACKAGE CONTENTS: MP1C Super Antenna + SW1 SuperWhip + UM2 SuperMount + MR4010 Super Radial Set + FG1 SWR Ruler + GB1 Super Go Bag. Low-profile, low-visibility antenna which will Some NVIS: From the Backyard to Professional Installations More NVIS: Horizontal Heights. Back in the 1960s during a vacation to Yellowstone National Park with my parents, I saw several amateur antenna arrays that caught my attention. The two versions are a wire element loop with 3m sides, and a solid Super Constellation HB-RSC 04 NVIS. Are you ready? Start your planning now! Like years past, they are planning on having the operation run from 10 – 4 EDT. Have shortwave licence for 3210khz 1kw cw. The whip is an MFJ-1979. 26 sold, 74 available. GPS Antenna bias voltage 5V Antenna current Up to 100mA Sensitivity -162dBm (with Flightcell Antenna) Time to first fix 26s MATERIALS Aluminium 6061 CONNECTORS Mounting fasteners: DZUS or M5 Main connector: 1 x D25 male plus 1 x D25 female or 1 x D38999 male (military versions) Antenna connectors: Transceivers TNC . Not as good as a low dipole for local (NVIS) QSOs (this is an understatement) I first became aware of this antenna from an article written by DL1BU (SK) in CQDL magazine, April issue, 1979, page 154. NVIS (near vertical incident skywave) antennas are perfect for local or regional use out to about 300 miles/480 kilometers. 5 Ω to 50 Ω 1-75 MHz 2kW Cobwebs, Yagi ,NVIS dipoles PicClick Exclusive Popularity - 12,661 views, 12. Pretty much do 40 meter by day, and 80 meter by night, as Hank mentioned. General. THIS IS: The model UM2 SuperMount Universal Portable Mount for portable antennas, a seriously cool piece of antenna hardware made by Super Antenna. HFLINK is the international resource for ALE Automatic Link Establishment High Frequency Communications, HF Digital Messaging, Emergency / Disaster Relief, Interoperative HF Communications, HF Network, Ham Radio. Because the antenna is electrically significantly longer on 80m than on 160m, we have switched to a series resonant circuit. He has parallel dipoles for 80 and forty meters fed with 600 ohm twinlead, and a coax lead-in. The material in this article is derived from The ARRL Antenna Book, 1957, 1974, and 1999 editions; Army Field Manual 24-18 and others, several QST articles, and various web articles written by other NVIS experimenters and HF antenna and propagation experts such as W4RNL. It is constructed in such a way that it can be used as a portable antenna when used in conjunction with the Pushup Pole (another construction article). For TRANSMIT NVIS, 0. 1-0. If we plan to supplement the antenna with a screen or other reflection means, the loop may prove to be more compact than a dipole or a V with a screen below. The four legs of the antenna, each deployed 90 degrees apart, provide the mast guying. Use a fiberglass pole on a tripod and you are on the air! Check out our MFJ-1919EX a perfect mount for the new Octopus Antenna. SUPER SKYRIDER™ 9400 Mobile HF NVIS Magnetic Loop Antenna Stealth 9400 Mobile HF NVIS Magnetic Loop Antenna has been developed to address the emerging need to reduce the visibility of vehicles fitted with traditional HF antenna systems. Beverage Antenna Hi-Q Military antennas are tunable and do not require a coupler to operate, saving cost, space, weight and power. This is useful for nulling out noise from a particular direction. Like a multi-tool to clamp your antenna anywhere, designed as part of the Super Antenna MP1 series, base-portable-travel ham antenna system. If the loop is in the shape of square or large rectangle, the SWR can be below 2:1, but will not get much below 1. Signals propagating nearly vertically approach the ionosphere with steep incidence angles and may be bent back to earth with similarly small angles. DESIGN: The MP1DXR is a genuine Super Antenna. to/33Lc Figure 17: 75m Inverted-V NVIS Antenna at 3. Antenna aimed broadside to the transmitter site. ; power divides between R rad and R loss The reference antenna used to compare the GAP Challenger to is a BWD-90 by B&W mounted about 25 feet off the ground, and in a sharp V configuration, not a really good DX antenna, but great for NVIS. . Blue line is a creek that starts If our antenna, at a certain height, radiates more power straight up (Near Vertical Incidence) or NVIS, it is good for shorter distances. Note that the DX antenna has 10 dB less gain than the NVIS antenna for NVIS propagation. If you read the Ham Radio Off Grid with OH8STN, we discussed the three types of communications in terms of bands and range. I was more likely to talk out of state than in-state on 80 meters. HF Communications and Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) Communications. With that said let’s make our antenna resonant at 7. Craig has excellent service, advice and selection of the stuff you need. 0 BEFORE PERMANENT INSTALLATIONUse the Ideal NOALOX 4 oz. Can be used in vertical or horizontal position. 5 kHz USB: NVIS / Evening This antenna is a full wavelength single-delta-loop, with the point of the triangle at the top of the single support pole, and fed near one of the corners – One Quarter Wavelength down the diagonal leg. have been re-designed for higher precision by American professional RF engineers, mechanical engineers, and materials scientists who are also NewSuperAntenna is the Official Super Antenna Systems Corporation website. Super J-Pole Antenna (Collinear Design) - By KB0YKI 2M, 220, 440, 6M NVIS Roost Emergency Antenna Kit By Bob W2IK WB0NNI 40 Meter Linear Loaded Vertical Above photo shows the face of the VX-1210 radio with Super Antenna MP1R mounted on it. VHF Antennas; UHF Antennas; VHF/UHF Dual-Band; 900MHz (ISM) Log Periodic; Mobile Antennas. (13-AWG) wire wound on an Amidon T-400-3 Toroid . Super J-Pole Antenna (Collinear Design) – By KB0YKI 2M, 220, 440, 6M J-Poles Antennas — Dimensions, matching, everything — from Bux CommCo — Be sure to read importance of a decoupling loop. That might be due to using ladder line, but it could also be that the coax I was using with the dipole was starting to deteriorate. Nov 27, 2020 - One of the best communications out there. This will provide excellent omni-directional communication Light Weight NVIS Adaptor For 12' Model 120 Antenna The purpose of NVIS (Near Vertical Incident Signal) is to enable communications in the area commonly called the “Skip Zone or “Dead Area. A PL-259 to 3/8"-24 adapter connects VX-1210 antenna mount to the Super Antenna. The main category is NVIS Near Vertical Incident Scattering Antenna that is about NVIS Antennas. Put it together with our manpack mast kit, and you have a total HF communications system in a 22" x 10" x 10" bag for NVIS. It is designed to be used with an AM radio operating in the HF range of 2 to 30 MHz. Write or call 435-200-4902 Near Vertical Incidence Skywave. by 50 ft. The NVIS using the clamp, Cha Mini and 60' wire at 12 ft was perfect for short to mid range contacts that will be required for an area wide emergency. Score: -10- A 4-square would be a different story though, and for the uninitiated: a 4-square is 4 x ¼ wave antennas phased in a square, quarter wavelength apart that ‘pushes’ a lobe of RF (db gain) in a specific direction at the push of a button. A properly designed Near Vertical Incident Skywave (NVIS) antenna will have a directivity pattern that will maximize transmission and reception at high angles while rejecting low angle, long range noise. I mount the antenna horizontal on 80 meters to allow NVIS capability. The difference between the two models is the foot print size area needed. SUPER easy to put together and hung in minutes. DX and NVIS. On-the-move, zero setup time antenna that can operate in either NVIS or low-angle mode. Most of the emcomm here in Texas will hit 40/80 the most I do believe and with NVIS you can keep it fairly local (TX,OK,LA). With W4NVK's The Super Antenna was originally designed by Vern W6MMA but the company name has ended up with Bonnie Crystal KQ6XA. MFJ Enterprises Inc,Ameritron,Hy-Gain,Hygain,Cushcraft,Vectronics,Mirage,MFJ,MFJ Enterprises,Antenna,Radio,Ham Radio,Amateur Radio,Tuner,Analyzer,Starkville,Amplifier The NVIS kit is an add-on accessory for Codan’s 9350 Antenna. It was a very bad assumption to guess that the antenna would be a bi-square, and a very large exaggeration to claim it had 4 dBd gain. Join us on Saturday, April 25th to show how well amateur radio can keep Ohio communicating! This is not a contest: it’s an event for Ohio stations to operate with other Ohio stations and understand how well they hear and are heard. Manufacturer of Wireless Accessories - Apparatus - Networks - Digital - Voice Transmission - Reception - Voice - Image - Data Communication Apparatus - CW SSB FT All Modes - HF Portable - Mobile - Telephone. I ran a simulation for frequencies that would work with a prc-160 for NVIS in Canada during July 2020. The system result is generally a better signal/noise ratio for reception of NVIS signals from a local area. Wire Antenna 51 feet long, (Covers 40m - 6m) configured as an inverted "V" with the center at 16' and the ends at 8' creating a modified NVIS antenna which is able to do local statewide as well as DX. How to ground an antenna for safety: An antenna is a metallic object that can sometimes be in danger of becoming live. 75 MHz Figure 18: 75m Inverted-V NVIS Antenna at 7. communications to a range of about 2,000 miles, including short-range Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) operation. 1m) for operation. NVIS Antenna made from DX Engineering Parts Icom 706 MkIIg However the auto tuner is capable of matching this antenna for 40m, and I discovered that it has some NVIS properties for 40m, this is probably due to the 2x 30m horizontal legs of the T-top. 73 Ohio State Parks. I chose 1-1/2" ABS pipe because it was locally available, I could get a cap fitting with a flat top, and the matte black finish had a tacti-cool vibe. Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) is a propagation mode which uses high angle radiation to send signals almost straight up to be reflected back to Earth for very effective short to medium distance communications. NVIS occurs when a significant fraction of the radiation from an antenna is at very high radiation angles and the frequency used is below the maximum usable frequency (MUF) for that time of day/night. longwire with a counterpoise strung relatively low, in order to allow for strong NVIS propagation characteristics. For RECEIVE NVIS, 1/10 wavelength (0. No current interest in CW or DX. An overlooked antenna for NVIS work is the 1-wavelength loop. Contact US Antenna today at 240-341-7120 to learn more about our quality transportable HF Antenna, our antenna loops sytems, log periodic, and more! Army communications units utilize several antenna systems for HF ; 32 Whip Antenna (stationary) 16 Whip Antenna (on the move) Fanlight Dipole Antenna (long-term stationary) 3 New Antenna Requirements. 👍👍👍 RigExpert Antenna Analyzer: https://amzn. Has energy high toward the zenith (NVIS) “Strange” lobe pattern and changes somewhat by band 10 – 20m are very DX oriented 40 – 160m have more NVIS On 80m the W4KDA loop has complete coverage of the country with no skip zone Back to Antenna index Last modified 2016-08-19 Stealth Telecom ST-9400A "Super Skyrider" SPECIFICATIONS. At heights less than 1/4 λ, the ground begins to act as a "dull", inefficient reflector. It is located at the 80-20 meter vertical location in the map below. It is slightly shorter on other frequencies. I’ve hung it from tree branches, fiberglass poles (though not all the way to the top), and off the side of my loft (Seven stories up). Predicted levels for atmospheric, galac-tic, and man-made noise can be found in [16]. If our antenna radiates most of its power near the horizon, then it is better for DX. Not a bad hop! Higher mounted horizontal antennas will still have an NVIS component and have the ability to launch straight up. I would also like to make this antenna temporary as I'll set it up for use and take it down when not using. WikiPedia has an excellent article on a sometimes overlooked source of high quality communications equipment and antennas. This mode of operation makes it ideal for in-state communications during disasters or other emergency situations. It also has a vertical component that is usable for longer distances – but I am not into DX that much. , so this antenna fits into a square area that is only about 50 ft. jpg 2,272 × 1,704; 612 KB Super Constellation HB-RSC 04. I too am wrestling with vertical decision. Simple dipoles work very well. We will look at that in more detail later in this document. It is the SGA (Super Gain Antenna). Hi-Q Antennas is continuing to add content to this website. It's called "A Super Gain Antenna for 40 Meters". OSPOTA Contest Station . regional with a tuner mounted in shack, feed-line length about 75 feet. It provides high angle At 10 feet above ground and operated “against” the house wiring/neutral radio ground, it makes for an effective NVIS-type antenna depending upon the freq/time of day. Normally, I would expect more of a showing from the states surrounding North Carolina. Custom RF design for HOA and XYL approval. This antenna is a great backup antenna and works exceptionally well for apartments, condominiums, homeowner, mobile home parks, RV applications and ARES, RACES, MARS, EMCOMM, NVIS, First Responders and Emergency Preparedness. We passed by the homes of amateur radio operators in Wyoming who had erected strange antenna systems. The antennas are now made in China with tremendous markup. With the MFJ "tuner" and the 300 ohm feed line, this antenna has multiband HF capability. On 40 meters that comes out to only about 13-32 feet. Figure 1 Comparison of NVIS and DX antenna radiation patterns The chart in Figure 1 compares the elevation pattern of an antenna set up for DX operation with an antenna set up for NVIS operations. 2 wavelength is approximately the optimum height. Overall Transmitting Antenna Layout Orange line is my road. Anti-Oxidant Compound to improve the efficiency of aluminum conductor connections. 65 MHz As you can see, we are at one end of the 40 meter band and the other end of the 80 meter band Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) är ett sätt att på kortvåg via jonosfären få radioförbindelse på korta avstånd (c:a 300–500 km) utan förekomst av skip-zon ("död zon"). It could be as a result of being connected to equipment that becomes defecting and puts a live voltage onto the antenna. Permalink. NVIS is typically used on 160, 80/75, 60, and 40-meter bands by Amateur radio operators using relatively low horizontal wire dipole antennas. Good for groundwave reception between 10 kHz and 1. I built the antenna immediately and fell in love with it. Strong aircraft-grade aluminum frame. Want to build an antenna for local NVIS communications on SSB with opportunity for future expansion in modes. Here is a link to that one but requires careful selection of antennas and operating frequency. Easy antenna setup, height isn’t as much of a concern. Sorry but practical experience has shown that the ionosphere has not varied the polarity of any signal that I have received on the vertical, they still show a marked loss on receive compared to my beam or the doublet. If rotate able, low incidence noise sources can vastly be weakened. Read more about the antenna ground plane. For TRANSMIT NVIS, 0. How it came to this. 5:1. This antenna has been in continued use for OSPOTA and other contests since 2008. 06 wavelengths high (16 feet on 80M, 8 ft on 40M) field strength is down 3dB. VHF Antennas; VHF/UHF Dual-Band; 900MHz (ISM) Hand-Held Antennas; No Holes Mobile Mount. MFJ 1786 Super Hi-Q Loop Antennas are 36 in. In this video, Julian Frost, N3JF, your Ham Radio Sensei braves the bitter cold of a southern California winter and takes his FT-891 and Super Antenna MP1DXR to a local park for some portable radio action. It is low cost, easy to build and easy to bring into resonance. An NVIS antenna configuration is a horizontally polarized radiating element. PDF file with details on my NVIS antenna designs which I developed for improved MARS operations and low band rag chewing. Greyline's Flagpole Antenna and HF Verticals for Real DX, 160-6M, No Radials. Just picked up an IC-7300. Gene Dusina's antenna works exactly as advertised on 40M. If you decide to feed your loop with coax, I'd suggest using RG-8X or RG-213 and a high power, high performance 1:1 or 4:1 Current-type balun. They're good for limited-space applications like apartments, small lots, RVs, attics, and mobile homes. For RECEIVE NVIS, 1/10 wavelength (0. The counterpoise is simply a 40ft run of 14AWG THNN, available anywhere and cheap, strung out on the ground to give the hot wire Works at any height, low for local NVIS and high for DX. It takes skill and patience and very little equipment. try a search for NVIS For my fixed station I have a G5RV at roughly 16ft up, combined with a tuner I can produce a NVIS signal that covers about 300 miles on both 40m and 80m. Five sections of aluminum military poles with 1:1 current balun raised to 16 feet. The package includes nice touches like extra small parts and even a tape measure. 5 lbs (4,3 KG) Coil Diameter: 1. Low areas and valleys are no problem for NVIS propagation. Type: Mobile HF NVIS magnetic loop antenna: Band(s): 1. Although the price is a bit high, all components are well made and should hold up well for many portable operations. Nick Meacher, Survival Dispatch resident communications expert dives into NVIS - Near Vertical Incident Skywave. Discovered by accident, but it did allow me to use this antenna for NVIS 40m to the extend that I do not use my horizontal dipole all that much anymore. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. ANTENNA HEIGHT A dipole at 1/10 wavelength high is a popular misconception and mis-reading of NVIS recommendations for optimum antenna height. 5 kHz USB 18117. Further, this antenna must be tunable over at least an octave of frequency to track the local Critical Frequency (CF). 8 sq. At a fixed height, (say 20-30 feet) use 80-Meters for NVIS and 20-Meters for low-angle DX. I am after information in Can be configured as Sloping ‘V’, Horizontal Dipole, Sloping Wire, Inverted L, & Horizontal NVIS. The MP1B SuperStick antenna element length is 7 feet 0 inches (2. NVIS: Near Vertical Incidence Skywave The COPPER CACTUS Antenna Super Linear-Loaded Inverted V The Stacked J-Pole Quickie Vertical 2 Meter Halo 2 Meter PVC Colinear Field Day Emergency 2 Meter Half Wave Colinear 5/8th Wave Stacked J-Pole 2 Meter Half Wave J-Pole Pocket J-Pole Antenna for 2 Meters HF Antenna Designs HF Mobile Antenna A vertical antenna will waste less enegy on NVIS propagation than a horizontal antenna but will pick up more noise. That night I found a group of operators on 1. 30 MHz (40 meters) and this will also be an 80 meter antenna resonant at 3. It is the companion to the #1 HF Portable Vertical Antenna worldwide, the MP1 Super Antenna. Mount Not Included [sold separately] . I. Just to keep it simple I would work 40 and 80 with an NVIS antenna for each band. Normal-ly, at HF, external noise dominates over receiver noise, defining the reception threshold. 2 NVIS Reception NVIS receive antennas must be optimized for best signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) rather than for best antenna gain. 75 MHz Figure 18: 75m Inverted-V NVIS Antenna at 7. 13m) at its longest when extended and tuned to about 7MHz. One of the peculiar characteristics of HF radio skywave (including NVIS) propagation is a strong dependence of Works at any height, low for local NVIS and high for DX. In response to all ham request here is our new NVIS (Near Vertical Incidence Skywave) antenna system. If you mount them vertically, you'll enjoy both DX and local contacts. Antenna installation. Parts: I get my antenna hardware from Craig K1QX of Radioware. and the super antenna is adjustable plus the single band whips are about $25 each when shipped,so the Super Antenna MP1C wins for flexibility and it can be used as a side mount (horizontal) for NVIS while the fence or auto is stationary BIG PLUS. Feeding and matching is simple; it’s fed with a quarter-wavelength of RG-11 or RG-59 (75 Ohm) coax, and then any length of 50 Ohm coax. The larger version the DXE-NVIS-8040 is a full size 80 and 40 meter NVIS antenna that uses no coils. Posted by 14 days ago. an NVIS is like having a high pass elevation-filter so to speak. I use several portable NVIS antennas that are a 40 and 80m dipole at right angles to each other that wind up on a 33ft portable mast and the dipole elements become the guy wires for the antenna. 75 inches (4. The antenna also has an Alpha Delta ATT3G50U-HP surge suppressor at the input to the balun using a Amphenol double male PL-259. NVIS antenna examples I've found are usually based on a regular dipole (72 ohms in free air). I have now learned to run the 4NEC2 ANTENNA MODELING application! (I should have done this last year!) -I had a 1050 foot loop erected before; It was a five-sided antenna, and REALLY LOOKED SUPER! For short/mid range HF, then NVIS antennas are a good choice. Horizontally polarized dipole consisting of a "Hamstick dipole", a rigid coil-loaded dipole elevated about 25ft high on a Super Antennas telescopic tubular aluminum mast, with a Super Antennas drive-on portable mast mount. Hannu OH2KJ I want to match a 50-ohm coax feed wire to a 40-meter NVIS half-wave dipole. This makes short distance communications difficult, especially in hilly terrain. The MP1B is an all-band slider-tunable HF antenna for mobile or portable. If it is in a horizontal plane it is vertically There is a lot of information here on NVIS operation and antennas, many of use just string an appropriate length wire through trees . 2 MHz The examples section of this document will discuss other solutions to the problem of maintaining proper NVIS directivity patterns over an octave of frequency. PicClick Insights - HFedz NVIS HF antenna (3-20MHZ) Ham Radio Antenna (200W PEP) PicClick Exclusive Popularity - 465 views, 15. A NVIS type we have used at field day the last several years is from a 73 mag in 1959 I think. Near Vertical Incidence Skywave, or NVIS, is a radio-wave propagation method that provides usable signals in the range between groundwave and skywave distances (usually 30 to 400 miles, or 50 to [IMG] 40 Meter Super - Gain NVIS Dipole THis may be of intrest for folks working 40M/NVIS for a decent antenna. The NVIS Mobile loop ST-940B antenna is skillfully modeled with extensive use of NEC CAD software. Since I wanted to be able to work 80 and 40-meter, I have decided to use a two bands trapped dipole antenna. Base Antennas. 5 kHz USB 14346. 80 meter band actually has a daily traffic net, a buddy of mine checks in a lot. 1/10 to 1/4 wave above earth is accepted as best height for NVIS antenna (BEST not only) as in variable conditions and inverted "V" allows more consistent use and a true dipole allows slightly better effectiveness. They exhibit low-angle radiation for excellent DX and high angle radiation for local NVIS antenna’s attributes of being portable, easy to set up and take down, effective in mountainous areas, and will make reliable contacts from 30 to 400 miles away with 100 Watts or less. I also use a military AS-2259 modified with resonant wires for 40 and 80m with extra mast sections to raise the feedpoint from 15ft to 30ft. [ 1 ] Principen är att frekvensen är så låg att elektronskikten i jonosfären kan reflektera infallande strålning rakt ner. Rumble — Near vertical incidence skywave, or NVIS, is a skywave radio-wave propagation path that provides usable signals in the distances range — usually 0–650 km (0–400 miles). As can be seen this is an effective antenna for NVIS, medium, and long haul depending on frequency chosen. WSPR spots with the antenna above on 40m today However it works, it manages to do pretty well. NVIS relies on sending as much of your radiated energy skyward as possible, with as close to a zero degree takeoff as possible. One favorite is the dual-band dipole. So far no one has rated yet, so be the first to rate this link ! https://HamRadioCQ. The Silver Bullet is an adjustable coil and similar in operation to other screwdriver style antennas like the Buddistick and Super Antenna MP1. The antenna system features stacked phased large log periodic antennas which are controlled by the Array Solutions StackMatch, four long wires and three NVIS antennas also controlled by a custom control system using two StackMatches and a SixPak RF Matrix. -----NVIS antennas are liked by the military because it keeps the troop from being shot while erecting a tall antenna. Today we announced the all new SteppIR W(IR)ELESS remote driver board which uses radio links to replace control cable normally required to operate the antenna. They mount vertically, so you'll enjoy both DX and local contacts. Just as the proper selection of antennas can increase the reliability of a long- range circuit, short-range communications also require proper antenna selection. A live presentation with Bob Heil, K9EID via Skype about Heil microphones. Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) is an ionospheric skip operating technique that directs the strongest signals from a station vertically, or upward, rather than toward the horizon. Antenna 1 is a monoband antenna for NVIS; antenna 2 is a wire antenna 34m long with a coupler at its base, set up for 40m. 0 - the most popular Modular Portable Antenna System in the WORLD!WE'RE READY TO TAKE BACKORDERS AGAIN!!! SO DON'T WAIT AND ORDER TO BE ON OUR LIST!IT'S IMPORTANT TO WATERPROOF THE CHA MIL EXT 2. At a 100,000-foot level though, a NVIS antenna is a dipole antenna that has a steeper transmit angle than a traditional horizontal flat-top dipole antenna and is located closer to the ground at between 8 to 15-feet Vs. Vertical Square loop June 09, 2020, 08:07:58 PM Admin says: Can't find it? Did you try the search box available at the upper right? Did you try the search from the home page menu? NEAR VERTICAL INCIDENCE SKYWAVE (NVIS) DIPOLES Look at the following backyard antenna setup. e. Special Cases A military NVIS antenna is the AS-2259 Antenna, which consists of two V-shaped dipoles: the four dipole wires also serve as guy rope for the antenna mast. A full sized vertical would be a mechanical monster, and cost a fortune. Amongst them were Regional Communications. 12. Also, for QRO emergency portable operations, the antenna efficiency for a small antenna that can be set up on site is crucial to dependable HF and NVIS (Near Vertical Incidence Skywave) regional communications. On 3700 kHz the SWR is 1. 1m) for operation. I will have to give that a shot on the next state-wide 80 meter net. Short vertical whip antennas are poor radiators at high take-off angles. Mobile Antennas. You may feed this antenna with a 4:1 balun. The higher radiating lobe causes the signal to bounce off the ionosphere, returning to I've used an NVIS-type antenna since 1991. 4GHz; 900MHz; Mobile Mounts; Dealers; land mobile. Turns out that the balun in the new dipole can't take the 1500W PEP that the Super Senior puts out. We also have a 40 meter 4-square antenna to augment the other 40 meter antennas. It is a dipole that is 7 ft off the ground and has a counterpoise directly under the antenna lying on the ground. Mounts on any mast up to 1-inch in diameter. It must start arcing and the protection circuit cuts in quicker than the SWR meter can react. Their mobile NVIS could be built for a very small fraction of the cost. Double Bazooka NVIS Extended Double Zepp NVIS Use one of the above three Antenna calculators to determine the antenna length and which antenna best fits at your location. See more ideas about ham radio, radio, amateur radio. NVIS antenna at that time. diameter loop antennas that work on 10 through 30 MHz continuously, including the WARC bands. This is the CHA MPAS 2. Close. Unlike a vertical, the antenna produces high-angle as well as low-angle radiation, making it useful for NVIS (Near Vertical Incidence Skywave) short-haul communications as well as DX. The titanium super flexible whip puts this antenna in a durability category beyond the normal ham antenna. - Antenna directive pattern is like a full size dipole. Resources listed under NVIS Antenna category belongs to Antennas main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators. Even for NVIS close in work, the ground loss increases as the antenna gets lower to the ground. It is easily erected by one person and can be quickly deployed and Works at any height, low for local NVIS and high for DX. Fixed Station Loop Antenna Operating both NVIS and Long Distance Sky Wave As well as the compact mobile HF loop, two versions of fixed station loop antennas are also available, which operate on both NVIS and long distance sky-wave propagation modes across 3-30MHz. The Super Antenna MP1DXMAX is a lightweight, 80-2m compact antenna system designed for today’s (and yesterdays) popular mostly portable or field deployable rigs. e. Excellent NVIS antenna for 160m, 80m and 40m. Height above ground: The antenna height above ground for NVIS antennas is subject to much discussion. PicClick Insights - Balun 4:1 12. Higher mounted horizontal antennas (above 1/4 wavelength) will work almost as well when the D-Layer is weakly charged. For ham radio, NVIS, disaster, & emergency communication services. That is to say the major lobe is between 75 and 90 degrees to the earth's surface. The antenna is described as having approximately 9 db forward gain and an average of 15db rejection against low angle QRM. Tower is 120 feet tall with two star guy brackets. Tim Duffy’s K3LR Super Contest Super Station and more. I don't remember what freq it is. MFJ 1786 Super Hi-Q loop Antennas are 36 in. My Loop Antenna November 20, 2013 9 Characteristics of Small Loop Antennas for HF Operation • Coupling loop ≈1/5 diameter of main loop for good impedance matching on all bands • Antenna is narrowband, operating at resonance of loop L and tuning C • Radiation resistance in series with loss res. Mounts with Coax; Mounts/Brackets only; Coax Cable Assemblies; Mobile Mount FAQ NVIS covers the an area greater than that of the ground wave signals, and due to the angles, terrain is less of a concern. Version 1. diameter loop antennas that work on 10 through 30 MHz continuously, including the WARC bands. MFJ 1788 Super Hi-Q Loop Antennas are 36 in. super antenna nvis